NWBDC at UWEX Broadband Boot Camp

Don Sidlowski, founder of NWBDC, served as a trainer at the two-day Broadband Boot Camp put on by the UW-Extension (UWEX) Center for Community Technology Solutions in Madison on May 9-10, 2013. The boot camp was aimed at the thirty UWEX Community Natural Resources & Economic Development (CNRED) and Family Practice agents invited from across a couple dozen rural Wisconsin counties. The agents were exposed to two intense days worth of high technology content on the technology of broadband, its application in the home and the workplace, and strategies for assisting the implementation in their county. Don’s training segments focused on best practices for broadband deployment in Northern Wisconsin and how to mobilize providers at the local and regional level. For more information see http://broadband.uwex.edu/blog/2013/03/5162/

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