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SCOPES-DF: Scaling a Community of Practice for Education in STEAM through Digital Fabrication. SCOPES-DF is the first project of its kind to specifically develop effective pathways and resources for using digital fabrication in STEAM education. SCOPES-DF offers educators new models and methods for teaching. It offers students relevant, engaging, applied learning opportunities.


The mission of the United States Fab Lab (USFLN) is to support digital and personal fabrication in academics, business, and community outreach in the spirit of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Fab Charter.


The Center for Community Technology Solutions is working to help Wisconsin communities develop the internet capacity they need.


Broadband is increasingly an important part of the economy, education and daily life. The state as a whole (citizens, governments, providers, schools and businesses) has interest in expanding broadband access and usage. The Commission is engaged in a broadband planning and mapping effort under a federal grant from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).


On the LinkWISCONSIN website you’ll find important news and resources related to the PSC’s mapping and planning efforts.


Grow North creates, sustains and promotes an environment conducive to regional economic development and prosperity.


Wisconsin Rural Partners (WRP) serves as a network hub for organizations, government agencies and people working to make rural Wisconsin a better place to live and work. WRP works to provide a voice for rural Wisconsin and strive through our work to build leadership for rural communities.