Mission Statement

The Northwoods Broadband and Economic Development Coalition (NWBEDC) is a super-regional entity originally committed to the transformation of Wisconsin north of Highway 29 into a nationally-recognized high speed internet economic zone, attracting businesses and resident workers from around the country. Its mission has since evolved to the expansion of economic development and education, based on broadband as the underlying and enabling technology. In the still pristine Northwoods of Wisconsin can be found the cleanest air, purest water, wide open spaces, expansive forests, and thousands of lakes all of which are tainted by no pollution, no traffic, little crime and a slower pace of living. By building a broadband, educational and economic development infrastructure here that is second to none in the State, both businesses and workers will be drawn to the lifestyle afforded by the Northwoods yet with all the economic advantages and financial opportunities found elsewhere in the country only in the sprawling metropolitan cities.

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