Assembly Members, NWBDC and County EDCs Meet in Antigo

Representative Mary Czaja (R – 35th Assembly District) lead a mini-summit today in Antigo hosted at the offices of the Langlade County Economic Development Corporation. Joining the summit participants were Rob Swearingen (R – 34th Assembly District) and his legislative aide Dan Perchinsky, via speakerphone Jennifer Esser, the Chief of Staff for Senator Tom Tiffany (R – Senate District 12), NWBDC Founder Don Sidlowski and the Executive Directors of the following county economic development corporations: Christine Berry (Langlade), Susan Ryman (Lincoln), Roger Luce (Oneida) and Dennis Heiling (Shawano). The discussion focused on five key economic development policy initiatives which the county EDs in attendance had outlined in a letter to members of the Joint Finance Committee. At the summit, Sidlowski informed the legislators that he had been appointed as Executive Director of Grow North Regional Economic Development Corporation and stated that Grow North strongly supported the policy initiatives being advanced at the summit by the member counties.

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